Andrea Helene

Andrea Helene

Main agency
Caprice Crawford
+49 172 3088 868
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Acting age
46 - 55 years
Year of birth
1963 (58 years)
Place of birth
Illinois USA
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
Hair color
Hair length
Housing options
Chicago, Hamburg, Munich, Paris, London, New York, Balearic Islands, Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Los Angeles
American(native dialect)Boston EnglishEnglishNew York accentSouthern-EnglishStandard GermanTexan English
BackpackingBeach volleyballBowlingCanoeCross-country skiingFigure skatingHikingKayakSquashTennisVolleyballWater-skiingYoga
Contemporary dance
ChoirA cappellaBalladBel cantoMusical
Driver's licenses
Car class

Vita entries

Other Education & Training

Rice University
Second City Players Workshop, Chicago
Comedy on the Lot, Los Angeles
James Franco Studio 4, Los Angeles
LA Actors Center
Playhouse West, Los Angeles


True Love (nominated) (Drama)
Codename Simon (nominated) (Short film)
Julie Stories (Short film)
Pitstop (Short film)


Velvet Buzzsaw (Drama)
German Art Critic (SR) Dan Gilroy Producer: Betsy Danbury Distribution: Netflix Casting director: Victoria Thomas
The Julie Stories (Drama)
Maria (LR) Julio Vincent Gambuto Producer: Thembi Banks Distribution: USC Casting director: Jasmine Gutierrez
Interior Classroom (Short film)
Jennifer Kanter (LR) Joe Hackett Producer: Joe Hackett Distribution: Indie
Baby of Mine (Short film)
Mother (SR) Adam Hodge Producer: Gia Franzia Distribution: Indie Casting director: Gia Franzia
Here's The Kicker (Drama)
Jeanette Matthews (SR) Chris Harris Producer: Ian Michaels Distribution: Padded Room Pictures Casting director: Erin Carufel
Colombiana (Drama)
Principal (SR) Olivier Megaton Producer: Luc Besson Distribution: Europacorp/Sony Pictures Tristar Casting director: John Papsidera
True Love (Drama)
Helen (LR) Henry Barrial Producer: Mark Stolaroff Distribution: Antic Pictures/Sundance Institute Casting director: Michele Short
Help (Drama)
Nurse (SR) Val Lauren Producer: Molly Conners Distribution: Eyesolo Pictures
Good Time Max (Drama)
Woman (SR) James Franco Producer: Rabbit Bandini Distribution: Rabbit Bandini Casting director: James Franco
Pitstop (Short film)
June (LR) Melanie McGraw Producer: Dina Gachman Distribution: USC Casting director: Jennifer Goldstein
110% When Tears Are Not Enough (Drama)
Mrs. Daniels (SR) Dan Golden Producer: Jesse Rodriguez Distribution: New Hustle Productions Casting director: Jesse Rodriguez
Yard Sale The Movie
Ex Wayne Mitchell Producer: Wayne MItchell
Beast Within: Gabriel Knight Mystery (Drama)
Gerde (LR) Will Binder Producer: Sierra Entertainment Distribution: Sierra Online Entertainment
A League of Their Own (Drama)
Model (OR) Penny Marshall Producer: Elliot Abbott | Robert Greenhut Distribution: Colombia Pictures Casting director: Ellen Lewis | Amanda Mackey


American Crime Story: Versace (Mini series)
Noisy Neighbor (OR) Daniel Minihan Producer: Ryan Murphy Productions, Brad Falchuk Station: FX Network Casting director: Courtney Bright
Transparent (TV series)
Patty (German Mother) (SR) Jill Soloway Producer: Jill Soloway, Andrea Sperling Station: Amazon Studios Casting director: Eyde Belasco
You're The Worst (TV series)
Friend (OR) Wendey Stanzler Producer: Hooptie Entertainment Station: FX Channel Casting director: Wendy O'Brien
The New Normal (TV series)
Lady Buyer (OR) Ryan Murphy Producer: Ali Adler is Here Productions Station: NBC Casting director: Susie Farris
Don't Trust the B* in Apartment 23 (TV series)
Gerta (SR) Michael Spiller Producer: Hemingson Entertainment Station: ABC Casting director: Lisa Miller Katz
West Wing (TV series)
Stewardess (SR) Christopher Misiano Producer: John Wells Productions Station: NBC Casting director: Laura Schiff


Jail Girl (SR) Andrew Tullis Producer: Brett Phillips Theater: Rice Players, Houston
Working (Drama)
Leading role Sandy Havens Producer: Sandy Havens Theater: Rice Players, Houston
Bus Stop (Drama)
Cherie (LR) Sandy Havens Theater: Rice Players, Houston Casting director: Sandy Havens
Welcome Home Soldier (Drama)
Mother (LR) Tony Savant Producer: Robert Carnegie, Stewart Irel Theater: Playhouse West Casting director: Tony Savant
Hamlet (Drama)
Gertrude (LR) Tracy Pellegrino Producer: Mark Pellegrino Theater: Playhouse West Casting director: Tracy Pellegrino
The Exonerated (Drama)
Woman (LR) Jeff Goldblum Producer: Tony Savant Theater: Playhouse West Casting director: Jeff Goldblum
Burn This (Drama)
Anna (LR) Susan Han Producer: Andrea Helene Theater: Playhouse West Casting director: Andrea Helene
Package Deal (Drama)
Cody (LR) Robert Carnegie Producer: Robert Carnegie Theater: Playhouse West Casting director: Andrea Helene
Dolores (Drama)
Sandra (LR) Andrea Helene Producer: Sheila Caan Theater: HBO Workspace LA
Coffee House (Drama)
Annie (LR) Tony Savant Producer: Robert Carnegie Theater: Playhouse West Casting director: Robert Carnegie


Katze (Narrator)
V.O. (LR) April Barnett Distribution: Roger Corman Festival Competition


Allianz Versicherung (Commercial)
Healthy Choice (Commercial)
Tylenol (Commercial)
Chrysler Pacifica (Commercial)
Sears (Commercial)
Budweiser (Commercial)
Illinois Bell (Commercial)